Leggett Prestige is a family business and proud to symbolise the highest standards of integrity and competence in the selling of French property at every level of the French real estate market, combined with over 20 years of national and international expertise. As a consequence Leggett have been ­­­­awarded ‘Best Estate Agency in France’ at the annual European Property Awards, 7 years in a row. All Leggett Real Estate Agents undergo regular in-depth training, to ensure that you benefit from the very latest bespoke advice, offered by a highly skilled Agent, at all times.

Do you have a luxury home to sell?

Leggett reach more international buyers than any other agency in France. If you would like to expose your property to both the local and global market then appoint Leggett to sell your property, where it will be seen by over 5.4 million overseas buyers every month

Leggett enjoys an exclusive arrangement with Hamptons International who market our properties through their London offices, Wealth Management department and dedicated website.